Zryan 54

Kirkuk TV: Dramai Zryan 54 dramaiaki turki Romansy Komalaiatya, Barhamai Kanali Kanal D sali 2006. La wllati turkia barham hatwa, Kanali Kirkuk tv hd live la Mangi 7 i 2017 dasti ba paxsh krdni krawa.

The storm is a TV series that has been broadcasted for a while on Kanal D and tells about the experience of two Blacksea families. It was withdrawn in Aksu village of Sürmene district of Trabzon province. Murat Yıldırım and Burçin Terzioğlu shared their lead roles. In the series Ali and Zeynep are described two adolescents in love with each other and their family’s adventures. Repeats were broadcast on Channel 7.

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